Akey Olive Oil Food Sabuk sec. Domestic and Foreign Trade . Ltd. The company was founded in 2011 by Mehmet and his wife Mrs. Hülya Oney . Oney 's mother and his father was born in Crete to remain engaged in the bottom floor of the historic building is a family business in boutique style . Ataturk, the republic after the establishment of the Dardanelles during the exchange to invite Turkey to the country in the Cretan village of Ayvacık District Küçükçetm family then settled in Küçükkuyu Borough memories are kept alive in this business . Akey building where olive operates built in the 1950s . Küçükkuyu originality is one of the most beautiful and rare carefully guarded home .

Olives and Mehmet is the youngest of the family 's five children that depends on oil Oney , primary and secondary schools in Küçükkuyu , high school and university education ö.mor High School in Istanbul and the Marmara University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty of Business Administration - began his career by completing the accounting department , After many years working in the private sector he worked free sets up his own office . After he retired, he decided to return to Küçükkuyu Oney , father's profession of olives - has entered the oil business .

Abundance in the region, when it is a symbol of abundance and found in the field land awarded a symbolic prized by the " fork olives " as per selected as the brand Mehmet Bey and his wife, Hulya lady of the name of "AK" and "O " on the attachments " AKEY FORK OLIVE" trademark has been registered .

This journey started from scratch storage , production areas, establishing a facility and showroom , the food , the company registration certificate from the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has been taken . Constantly monitored periodically companies , major support Hülya Hanım care shown to olives and products with the cleaning arrangement stores generated much emphasis meticulously Akey Fork Olives, continues on its way in a growing line each year. Akey saw great interest Fork Olive products are sent to all the provinces of our country by courier. Akey Fork Olive, production, storage and the basic principles to provide clean and pure products while preserving the spontaneity of the sales process , ' for purity , for health , for life, Akey Fork Olive' is the slogan of taking firm steps in the industry.

  • For purity , for health , for life

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