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Olive and Olive Oil

The olive branch is the symbol of peace in the mouth of the white dove. Panacea , health miracle olive oil ... humanity 's indispensable friend, acquaintance with olive trees dating back 8000 years. According to legend, caught in the flood of Noah 's dove that flew from the ship , after a while, he returned with an olive branch in its mouth , it has reported that the flood is over. Therefore olive branch and has become the symbol of the dove of peace . Christians accept as the fortune and peace sign olives, when they would bring news envoys presented an olive branch. Greeks and Romans, the glorious tradition of the olive tree, into the olive groves , allowing the growing and harvesting operations have continued to do only good and honest people.

Today the olive oil cubes in the palace of King Minos of Knossos in BC In 2500 year, the island of Crete , the most important source of livelihood , makes the testimony of olive oil trade. Plants mentioned in the Qur'an as a blessed olive , palm, and olive water has been recommended to Ramadan . Today, especially with the ground covered with olive trees, Ayvalık is the case of the Aegean olive capital with 2.5 million olive trees.

Ayvalık(Edremit Zeytini)

In the oil golden-yellow color , containing fruit fragrance, aromatic , chemical and organoleptic properties in terms of the period in which they turn pink of flesh color in the first place alır.so the year are evaluated in Pink Boots Olive type, black that it was harvesting period evaluated in the saddle -type black table .

Olive Cultivation

Land Olive, calcareous-sandy although not too picky, rich in nutrients, pH of the soil is like the 6-8 level. Ground water should be close to 1m.. Drainage must be applied to the soil close to this level. CLIMATE: Olive, it is able to withstand the temperatures between 40 ° C to -7 ° C it is desirable to have a good growth and fruit formation at temperatures of 15-25 ° C. The chilling requirement olives varies between 600 to 1000 hours. Also olive show a good development, a total need a temperature sufficient for normal eye development. The annual rainfall request Olive 650-800 mm, respectively. During the summer, until the rainy season made irrigation provides increased and widened the olive oil formation. It also accelerates the formation of these studies formed the growth of shoots and fruit buds will bear fruit next year. Humid weather, sweating decreases during warm place whereby the foliage, the effect of the plant is reduced. However, excessive moisture is create the appropriate environment to certain diseases. The flower fertilization to kısıtlamaktadırmayıs month when high humidity and winds helping to fertilize the beginning of June, reducing the lead to the end of the winter winds soil moisture. The olive tree, especially in the southern direction of the passage of light that love should be preferred. Foggy mountain slopes and valleys are not suitable for olives.

SOIL :If done properly, tillage and soil aeration time , and rain water will be provided to increase the preservation of the biological activity. Olive cultivation in 2-3 times a year is sufficient. While the first tillage of the soil after harvest temper plow depth of 15 cm ; 10-12 cm in the second spring to pass plows or harrows , and the third processing to prevent the loss of soil and pouring olive aim of correcting is done to clean the weeds.

Fertilization :Be forgotten that ; Less fertilizer in excess of the crop yield and quality, also damages the plant and to the economy. The results of soil and leaf analysis to be most accurate fertilization fertilization should be made ​​known. In the olive groves that have or binding during flowering and fruit yield increased nitrogen needs . The conditions for this watered 3-4 weeks before the first dose of nitrogen fertilizer flowering , fruit set in the second dose (May) and the last dose and core hardening period ( July, August) should be given. If there is no irrigation facilities nitrogenous fertilizer should be applied at one time the end of February beginning of March. Nitrogenous fertilizers 50-70 cm away from the body , sprinkling anchor the crown projection and so on. buried with devices. 15-30cm phosphorous and potash fertilizers in the projection . opened in the fall to a depth of buried trenches .

IRRIGATION:Olive annual water needs of 650-700 mm. Located less precipitation in the summer irrigation needs vardır.ağac most need water months and is known to increase the amount of product to be made in September watering 4-5 .

PRUNING : When pruning is necessary to identify the very best . Rainfall in the region has little benefit in making pruning as late as possible . Branch pruning should be done in areas of cancer type .

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